What are your age requirements?

Smash Rooms are open to anyone over 18 with a valid ID.  Teenagers 13 and over are allowed in the Smash Rooms with a parents consent.  The parent must be present on the premises and sign a waiver for the minor.

Nerf Wars is open to all ages, Under 8 we request the parent stay with in sights view of their child.

What do I need to wear or bring?

Both the Smash Room and Nerf Wars require closed toed sturdy shoes, no sandals, or open back shoes.  We provide a pair of coveralls, gloves, face and head protection. 

We do not allow any items to be brought with you into the Smash Rooms, We will provide a locker to lock your phone or personal belongs. 

We do not have a place to store personal belongs for Nerf wars, we will provide coat hooks, we ask you lock your personal belongs in your car.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, Both the Smash Rooms and the Nerf Wars have independent waivers.  Adults can sign their own waivers and must present a valid ID when signing. 

Anyone under 18 for both Nerf Wars and Smash Rooms need to have their parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for them and the parent or legal guardian must present a valid ID.