-Masks are required everywhere except in the actual smash room where you are alone or with someone you have   chosen to bring with you. In the smash room we leave it up to you because it is exercise and you are in your own personal space at that time.


-We alternate between two rooms throughout the day only booking one booking per hour so we can clean and sanitize the rooms between use.


-All of our contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized through out the day including shopping carts, clipboards, pens, and lockers.

-All of our safety gear is washed and sanitized between use. Our coveralls are washed and dried in a high heat washer and dryer. Or helmets are cleaned and sanitized after every use. Safety glasses are cleaned and sanitized with an ozone sanitizer. And gloves are worn over vinyl gloves and washed.


-We do not double book the same hour so at most people may pass if one booking shows up a few mins late and another a few mins early but in that case we do enforce social distancing and mask use.


-The equipment room and smashing implements are cleaned and sanitized between bookings.

-We are family run with no outside help and we all take the everyday precautions to prevent the spread of COVID.

-We ask that all our guests to not enter if they have symptoms of COVID and will reschedule with out penalty

-We offer disposable Coveralls for $5.00 and Safety Glasses for $2.50 upon request.  The cost is just to recoup our costs of aquiring the PPE as prices have increased dramatically


2020 Total Breakdown LLC