Our Packages

  • Hissy Fit

    30 min

    14.95 US dollars
  • Temper Tantrum

    30 min

    29.95 US dollars
  • Burn Out

    30 min

    39.95 US dollars
  • Date Night

    30 min

    59.95 US dollars
  • Total Breakdown

    30 min

    79.95 US dollars
  • BYOB (Package)

    10 min

    19.95 US dollars
  • Use with a gift certificate without a one time use code only

    30 min

    Price Varies

Smash Rooms are for adults and teenagers 13 and over with parents present to sign waivers. Smashing can be strenuous and not recommended for people who have pre-existing conditions that may be aggravated by this activity.



Book for your rooms here

When you click on a package there will be a spot that says staff, click on that and choose an available room. 

Then pick the time slot you wish to book for. 


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